After Groundhog’s Day

You ended up liking it and you had fun. You watched cute cats and dogs jumping on trampolines, window-licking foxes, acrobatic squirrels jumping up-and-down, up-and-down. You sang in choir with Korean kids who had trillions of views. You found all the energy you needed for it in energy drinks and ate TV-dinners in front of your laptop all day long. You had so much free-time: work-time was free-time, free-time was work-time.

You worked out during lockdown, muscles come so slow and go so fast (don’t end up like a wrack!). You smiled when your phone camera was pointing at you. You did that duck-face again. You ordered online a new you every day, you were them all in front of the mirror. There’s a new drone delivery waiting at your door. And it’s free-time again: you allowed yourself an well deserved after-work beer, time to watch old rugby matches where your team always wins.

You checked your flashing smartphone telling you: „there’s 1 yogurt(s) in the fridge - apple flavour - unable to order online“. Alas! You have to leave paradise! So you dress your best neoprene clothes, sunglasses and mask keeping 6-feet social distance at the underwater supermarket queue. You have to come back to life. Slowly. You’ll have to learn everything all over again.