Life on Mars.

One day, we’ll all live on Mars the same way we now live on the Moon. How naive our ancestors were for believing that they had already made their last step coming here to the Moon, building here the first outposts filled with hope, the first cities: Laikaville, new Johannesburg… Those were the days, but they are long gone. „Go to the Moon, go to the Moon“ they sang, but now that we’re there, we’re tired of it and need more. It’s only chaos what we watch and read: time wars, adulterated Soma™ and genetic leaders filling the air with hate like it’s 2113 again, that’s why we should move on and go to Mars.

Aren’t you feed up of eating Tofu3000™, do you still want to work for the Company, to free yourself from the position you were born in? You know your clone could do that click for you, probably better than you. Life will go on, what about your own life? It will take only a year and a half on HypnoSleep™ and you’ll have plenty of room again, you will be free to start life once again in another planet with a whole new set of rules, to build new from draft, to be the master of your days once again. That’s why I tell you, my friend, we have to escape to Mars before it’s too late!